When should a consumer unit or fuse box be upgraded?

Consumer units also commonly known as fuse boxes can potentially save your life, however, a faulty consumer unit can also be responsible for losing your life too! Here are some tell-tale signs that you would benefit from upgrading to a new consumer unit:

  1. You have an old fusebox with a wooden backing
  2. You have older rewirable fuses
  3. You don’t have any RCD protection
  4. You are planning home improvements such as a new electric shower
  5. You are planning to extend an existing circuit
  6. You existing fusebox or consumer unit is overloaded

A professionally installed & certified consumer unit / fusebox will improve your electrical safety. For more information regarding upgrading your fusebox/consumer unit please give us a call today. We cover Edinburgh and all surrounding areas and will be happy to provide you with a FREE no obligation quotation.